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My process (or a more long-winded "about")

So, I used to have an Etsy site, but I decided it was time to make my own space. Basically, I make earrings and necklaces, out of a revolving collection of mediums. I make beads and charms out of resin, clay, and stones (semi-precious and not). I use either stainless steel or sterling silver for the earwires, and magnetic clasps for necklaces. I don't formally design a piece of jewelry; I either have a specific idea (like Autumn Sky) or I jumble together different colors, textures and materials, and shift things around until I get inspired.

This is "Autumn Sky". It's a pair of earrings, but sometimes I give titles to pieces of jewelry. They're wearable art! I love the visual of red and orange leaves against a deep blue sky, and I represented this in resin with alcohol ink. I recently discovered UV resin, which I vastly prefer, since it'd quick-dry, and I can fuck up a resin piece real fast.

I am a highly visual person; I think in images. The October sky look is a favorite. In the art gallery tab, I have both physical artworks, and images that can be purchased in print form, and one of them is a digital painting I did a few years ago. The image that led to that one is a pair of small trees I drive by frequently. The red leaves *glow* every October, especially when the sun shines through them in the afternoon.


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