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Hi! I'm Norah Brink. I am an artist and a native of Massachusetts (and have been all my life).

I created NorahBrinkArtWorks in 2011, as an Etsy shop specializing in nursery art. But I kept having ideas! Eventually I needed to expand, leading me to create my own website. I also sell locally here in the Boston area, at Jackson Square Artisans, in east Weymouth, MA; so if you like my work (and are too impatient to wait for shipping) come on by!


Now, I make jewelry, greeting cards, original artwork, and custom portraits. Here at NorahBrinkArtWorks, earrings and pendants are handcrafted with beads, polymer clay, resin, and semiprecious stones; findings are sterling silver or stainless steel. I work in copper and silver wire, and this is the main place where I list the jewelry pieces I create.

Over on my Patreon, (

I paint and draw portraits and landscapes in a variety of mediums, including watercolor, charcoal, ink, and acrylic; I also make assemblages out of various items. I do a lot of digital art, both original and based on my photography, and art prints are available. I find inspiration from nature, color, light; from the cyclical quality of life and from the richness and depth that perspective can bring.





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